Beaujolais Royal first results from a drastic selection of wines which possess an intense and scented bouquet coupled with rich flavour and persistent fruity aftertaste that have their origin in the poor, stony soils in which the Gamay vine has made its home. The mastering of the final "Assemblage", blending different and recent vintages, is the guarantee of the style of Beaujolais Royal which make it a premium reference in the Beaujolais wines.


Beaujolais Royal is an inimitable explosion of fruity flavours, with a full and supple body, and a most agreable freshness which makes it an easy-drinking wine.

Wine & Food

Beaujolais Royal makes of course a great match to pork dishes, roast duck or rich chicken dishes or even egg-based dishes. But it suits also very well with appetizer or with world food like Asiatic and spicy courses.


Serve it lightly chilled, particularly in summer time, to enjoy its freshness, its beautiful flavours and aftertaste. Beaujolais Royal is the wine for sharing and enjoying together.

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